Checklist For Starting An Angel Investment Firm

1. Research the angel investment market – Look into investing trends, understand the legal landscape, and become familiar with other players in the industry to help you plan your strategy.

2. Develop a financial model – You need to be able to accurately forecast revenues and expenses associated with your angel investment firm.

3. Create a business plan – This will provide guidance and direction for your firm as you move forward.

4. Find investors – Look for wealthy individuals or groups who have an interest in investing in start-ups and entrepreneurs.

5. Set up legal structures – You need to have the right legal documents in place to protect your business and investors.

6. Develop a portfolio – You’ll need to research investments, analyze opportunities, and make decisions about which start-ups you want to invest in.

7. Monitor investments – Keep track of how your investments are performing and be prepared to take action when necessary.

8. Manage relationships – Establish and maintain relationships with the entrepreneurs you’ve invested in as well as other angel investors.