Checklist For Starting A Sunglasses Line

1. Research Market & Identify Target Audience: Understand the competitive landscape and define your target market.

2. Design & Source Products: Determine the style, quality, materials and functionality of your sunglasses. Find reliable suppliers who meet your specifications and price point.

3. Create a Brand Identity: Come up with a name, logo, website and other visual elements that will help you create an identity for your sunglasses line.

4. Develop Pricing Strategy & Calculate Margins: Evaluate the cost of producing, warehousing, shipping and marketing your product to determine pricing. Build in a profit margin to make sure your business is profitable.

5. Find Retail Partners: Identify stores and online retailers that are a good fit for your product and approach them with your proposal.

6. Market & Promote Your Product: Build an email list, create engaging content and utilize digital marketing strategies to get the word out about your sunglasses line.