Checklist For Starting A Summer Camp: A Guide To Preparing For An Enjoyable Season

1. Choose a Theme: Deciding on the theme of the camp is important as it will define how you plan your activities and decorate your space.

2. Find a Location: Choose a location that is safe and has the necessary amenities to make your camp a success.

3. Secure Funding: Develop a budget for the camp and look for sources of funding that can help you cover your costs.

4. Create an Application Process: Decide which information should be included in the application process and create a system for collecting it from prospective campers.

5. Recruit Staff: Choose qualified staff members who have experience working with children and can help lead activities during the camp season.

6. Plan Activities: Design a variety of activities that will keep campers engaged and having fun throughout their stay at the camp.

7. Develop Safety Protocols: Create safety protocols for campers and staff, ensuring all parties are aware of the rules and precautions that need to be taken.

8. Prepare Supplies: Purchase necessary supplies such as food, water, tents, first-aid kits, etc., making sure you have enough on hand to accommodate everyone at the camp.

9. Promote the Camp: Develop a marketing strategy to get the word out about your camp and attract interested families.

10. Prepare for Emergencies: Have an emergency plan in place that outlines safety procedures and protocols in the event of an unexpected situation.

11. Finalize Details: Double check all details prior to opening day, ensuring everything is in order for a successful camp season.

12. Enjoy the Camp: Take some time during the camp season to relax and enjoy all of your hard work coming together!