Checklist For Starting A Prototype Design Business

1) Research the Market: Make sure to understand the customer base and what kinds of needs they have. Understand competitors and their pricing models, their services, any reviews or feedback about them, etc.

2) Develop Your Brand Identity: Create a unique logo that helps to differentiate your business from the competition. Choose colors and fonts that make you stand out.

3) Create a Website: Design an aesthetically pleasing website with information about your services, pricing, contact information, etc. Ensure it is optimized for mobile devices as well.

4) Set Up Social Media Accounts: Assign someone to manage accounts on popular social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to build a following and engage with prospects.

5) Obtain Necessary Licenses: Check your local laws to see if you need any licenses or permits to operate a prototype design business in your area.

6) Develop Your Processes: Create processes for customer onboarding, project milestones, billing, communication and any other activities related to your business.

7) Look for Partnerships: Identify potential partners that can help you create better products or provide additional services to clients.

8) Invest in Tools and Equipment: Make sure you have the necessary tools and equipment to develop prototypes. This may include 3D printers, software, etc.