Checklist For Starting A Petting Zoo: A Guide To Success

1. Choose a Location: Take into consideration the size of your property, as well as its proximity to potential customers and other petting zoos.

2. Create a Business Plan: This should include all of the financial aspects of running your business, such as startup costs, projected earnings, and marketing strategies.

3. Apply for Licenses: Depending on where you live, you may need to submit an application with your local government in order to run a petting zoo.

4. Purchase Animals: Research the types of animals that customers would most enjoy interacting with and purchase them based on your budget.

5. Hire Personnel: You may need to hire staff to help you maintain the animals, clean their cages and pens, run tours, and take payments.

6. Create a Website: A website is essential for gaining visibility in the petting zoo industry and helping potential customers learn more about your business.

7. Market Your Business: Utilize online and offline marketing strategies to spread the word about your petting zoo.

8. Maintain Safety Guidelines: Create an action plan for emergency services and make sure all staff members are trained on the correct safety protocols.

9. Offer Quality Services: Provide a variety of activities that customers can participate in, such as animal feeding and educational programs.

10. Track Results: Monitor customer feedback, make adjustments to your services as needed, and track financial progress over time.