Checklist For Starting A Personal Concierge Business

1. Develop Your Vision and Goals – What do you want to accomplish with your business? What services are you offering? How will you be different from other companies in the market?

2. Research Your Market & Competition – Who are your customers? Where is the need for your services? Who are your competitors and how can you stand out from them?

3. Create a Business Plan – Write out what the business will do, its financial goals, and operational plans.

4. Get Funding – Determine if you need startup capital or additional funds to cover expenses such as insurance and legal advice.

5. Obtain Licenses & Permits – Investigate the laws and regulations that apply to your business. Determine what licenses or permits you need to legally operate in your area.

6. Find a Place for Your Business – Research potential locations for your business, such as storefronts or online venues where you can market and advertise to customers.

7. Establish Your Brand & Identity – Create a brand name, logo and website to help differentiate your business from competitors.

8. Set Up Accounting Systems – Develop a system for managing money and tracking revenue, expenses and taxes.

9. Market Your Business – Promote your services through various online channels including social media, printing materials, and word of mouth.

10. Hire Staff – Determine the number of employees you need and develop a recruitment process including job postings, interviews, and onboarding.

11. Develop Processes & Procedures – Establish protocols for daily operations such as customer service, scheduling appointments, billing clients, etc.

12. Monitor Performance & Make Adjustments – Track your performance regularly and adjust as needed to ensure seamless operations.