Checklist For Starting A Mobile Oil Change Business

1. Research the market: Take time to do your research and gain an understanding of the competition in your area, as well as any costs or regulations associated with starting this type of business.

2. Set up a business plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan that will help you set goals and objectives, as well as outline your costs and revenue potential.

3. Secure start-up funding: If needed, find a way to secure the necessary funds for getting the business off the ground.

4. Select a vehicle: Invest in or lease a suitable vehicle that will be used for making oil change house calls.

5. Stock supplies: Ensure you have the necessary oil, filters and other supplies needed to do the job.

6. Obtain any necessary licenses or permits: Check with local authorities to find out what type of licensing may be required for this type of business in your area.

7. Market your business: Create a website, use social media and develop other marketing materials to get the word out about your mobile oil change service.

8. Set up an accounting system: Have an efficient way of tracking customers, payments and expenses for the business.

9. Consider insurance coverage: Invest in insurance that will protect you and your business in case of any issues or accidents.

10. Start scheduling customers: Put your business into action by reaching out to potential customers and setting up appointments for oil changes.