Checklist For Starting A LSAT Tutor Business

1. Develop an Understanding of the LSAT and its Structure – Become familiar with the LSAT format, content, structure, and scoring system.

2. Research Market Demand – Gather information about the demand for LSAT tutoring services in your area or online.

3. Set a Business Plan – Decide on the type of services you will offer, the rates and fees for those services, and your target audience.

4. Invest in Resources – Acquire important resources such as textbooks, practice tests, and other training materials.

5. Develop Your Teaching Style – Reflect on what teaching techniques you prefer to use and develop a teaching style that works best for you.

6. Get the Word Out – Use digital and traditional marketing tactics to promote your business.

7. Stay Up-to-Date on LSAT Developments – Monitor changes in the LSAT exam structure or content so that your tutoring services remain relevant and up-to-date.