Checklist For Starting A Longarm Quilting Business

1. Research & Familiarize Yourself with the Industry – Understand the basics of quilting, longarm quilting machines, and what’s involved in running a successful business.

* Become knowledgeable about different fabric types and cutting/piecing techniques

* Research what types of services you can offer and how you’ll charge for them

* Learn more about longarm quilting machines, technical requirements, costs, and maintenance

* Speak to other experienced quilters in the industry to get advice & tips

2. Obtain the Necessary Equipment & Supplies – Invest in the necessary longarm quilting machine and supplies, such as fabrics and batting.

* Research & compare different types of machines to find one within your budget

* Purchase additional items you’ll need such as bobbins, needles, thread, rulers, and a frame to move the quilt

* Stock up on different types of fabrics and batting

3. Set Up Your Business – Register your business with the government, get a tax ID number, and consider purchasing any necessary insurance.

* File for an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or other legal entity to protect yourself & your assets

* Obtain a Tax ID number from the IRS

* Research & purchase any necessary business insurance for liability or other risks

4. Promote Your Business – Create a website and use social media, advertising, and networking to build your business.

* Design & launch an attractive website with details about your services

* Use social media channels to promote your business and engage with customers

* Network in the quilting community & attend relevant events

* Utilize advertising strategies such as pay-per-click, print ads, or other methods

5. Develop a Pricing & Payment System – Decide how you’ll set prices for your services and what payment options to offer.

* Set your rates for different services

* Create a pricing guide or package options for customers

* Develop an invoicing system & accept payments online

* Offer discounts or incentives as needed to encourage customers

6. Maintain Quality Control – Ensure that you’re performing your best work in a timely manner by developing & following quality control procedures.

* Set expectations for customer service, communication, and turnaround times

* Develop standard processes and protocols to help with consistency

* Practice maintenance on your machines regularly so they’ll remain in good condition

7. Expand Your Knowledge – Keep learning and improving your skills to continue offering great services.

* Stay up to date with the latest trends in quilting & longarm machines

* Take classes or workshops to learn new techniques

* Utilize online resources, tutorials, and other materials for continued education

8. Celebrate Your Success – Celebrate the milestones of your business and take time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished.

* Schedule regular breaks & vacations

* Enjoy time with family, friends, or other activities in addition to work

* Recognize accomplishments & celebrate successes!