Checklist For Starting A Junk Removal Business: A Comprehensive Guide To Get Your Business Up And Running!

1. Determine the types of services you will offer – Will you remove furniture, construction debris, appliances, electronics, yard waste and more?

2. Research local regulations – Check with your local government to find out what type of permits or licenses you may need to operate a junk removal business.

3. Create a marketing plan – Decide how you will market your services and make sure to consider both traditional and digital methods of advertising.

4. Establish pricing for services – Research local competitors and determine what fees you should charge for each type of service you offer.

5. Purchase necessary equipment – Make sure to invest in appropriate vehicles, trailers and other equipment you may need to safely transport junk.

6. Set up payment processing – Decide how customers will pay for services and set up a system such as PayPal or Square.

7. Develop customer policies – Create terms of service and other policies that you can provide to customers prior to services being rendered.

8. Hire employees – Consider hiring additional workers in order to expand your business and increase the number of jobs you can take on at once.

9. Obtain insurance – Make sure to get liability insurance for your business so that it’s protected from unexpected losses or damages.

10. Monitor customer reviews – Actively monitor what customers are saying about your business online and respond accordingly.