Checklist For Starting A Hot Tub Garden

1. Determine the size and shape of your hot tub garden – measure the space you have available and decide how large, or small, a hot tub garden you’d like to create.

2. Choose an appropriate location – consider factors such as sun exposure, water availability, footing (to support the weight of the hot tub), and distance from your home.

3. Decide on a type of hot tub – there are many sizes, shapes and materials available so pick one that suits your space and budget.

4. Prep the ground for installation – take steps to ensure proper drainage with gravel, rocks or other materials. Then level the area and prepare it for the hot tub’s base.

5. Set up a power source – consult an electrician to ensure your home is safely wired for the hot tub garden you’re creating.

6. Install plumbing and filtration – this step will vary based on the type of hot tub you choose, so consult a professional for help.

7. Add the hot tub – once everything is in place, it’s time to install your hot tub and fill it with water.

8. Position seating – decide where you’d like benches, tables or other items to be placed around your hot tub garden.

9. Create a landscaping plan – draw up a design for how you’d like the area to look and make sure it complements your hot tub.

10. Plant flowers, trees and shrubs – bring your landscaping plan to life by adding plants, grasses, herbs or other foliage of your choice.

11. Install lighting – create a relaxing atmosphere with strategically-placed lights, such as path lighting and string lights.

12. Enjoy your hot tub garden! With the hard work done, it’s time to kick back and enjoy your new outdoor oasis.