Checklist For Starting A Home Tutoring Business

1. Research the Market and Competition – Understand who your competitors are, what services they provide and any potential gaps in the market you can fill.

2. Create a Business Plan – Outline your business goals, objectives, strategies and financial projections.

3. Register Your Business – Obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate legally.

4. Determine Your Services – Decide which services you will offer and determine your hourly rate of pay.

5. Market Your Business – Set up a website, create business cards, network with other tutors or businesses in the area and advertise online or in local newspapers.

6. Set Up an Office Space – Find a space in your home to use as an office, or consider renting an office outside of the home.

7. Purchase Tutoring Supplies – Buy any tools you need, such as textbooks, educational software programs and learning aids like flashcards and puzzles.

8. Hire and Train Tutors – Recruit tutors with the skills and qualifications to meet your business needs, and provide them with adequate training.

9. Track Progress – Keep a record of student progress to ensure that learning goals are met.