Checklist For Starting A Home Staging Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Research the Home Staging Industry: Check out other home staging businesses in your area, research industry trends, read up on best practices, and familiarize yourself with home staging rules & regulations.

2. Develop Your Brand Identity: Create a logo, determine your target market and desired services, develop a website and social media accounts to promote your business.

3. Get Certified & Insured: Take courses to become certified in home staging and get insured to protect both yourself and your clients from potential liability issues.

4. Set Up Your Business Plan: Include an executive summary, company description, market analysis and financial projections.

5. Create Your Home Staging Toolkit: Start building a collection of furniture and decor to stage homes with – check out estate sales, second-hand stores, auctions & more!

6. Network Locally: Get connected with local real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other home staging industry professionals.

7. Market Your Business: Create an advertising budget & plan, reach out to local media outlets, and get involved in your local community to increase brand awareness.

8. Get Started: Start meeting with clients and completing home staging projects for them!