Checklist For Starting A Glasses Store

1. Research the Competition – Understand who your competitors are and what their stores offer.

2. Find the Right Location – Identify an area that has enough foot traffic to support your store.

3. Secure Funding – Consider different financing options, such as loans or investors, in order to come up with the capital you need.

4. Create a Business Plan – Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your vision, financial projections and marketing strategies.

5. Obtain Licenses & Permits – Apply for the necessary licenses and permits in order to comply with local laws.

6. Shop for Suppliers – Look for suppliers that carry the types of glasses and frames you want to offer in your store.

7. Design a Store Layout – Map out how customers will move through your store and where products should be placed.

8. Choose Point of Sale & Inventory Management Software – Select an appropriate POS system and inventory management software to help keep track of sales, inventory and customer data.

9. Market Your Store & Grand Opening – Create a marketing plan that outlines how you will promote your business and announce your grand opening.

10. Hire Employees – Hire employees who are knowledgeable about glasses and frames to help customers make informed decisions.