Checklist For Starting A Domain Registration Business

1. Establish a Legal Entity

2. Research the domain name industry, including trends and key players

3. Choose a business model (reseller, registrar, etc.)

4. Purchase necessary software, hardware and services required to start the business

5. Negotiate the best rates with ICANN accredited registrars, registry operators and other providers

6. Attain a TLD accreditation from ICANN

7. Set up your domain registration system, including merchant accounts for payment processing

8. Establish relationships with hosting companies and other industry vendors

9. Develop a customer acquisition and retention strategy

10. Create marketing and promotional materials

11. Establish a website to advertise the business

12. Become knowledgeable about applicable laws, regulations and policies related to domain registration

13. Monitor industry news and remain up-to-date with changes in technology and processes

14. Set prices and establish payment plans

15. Provide customer support services