Checklist For Starting A Computer Training Business

1. Determine the type of business to be conducted – Decide if you will offer individual or group classes, what types of software and hardware will be taught and how much you anticipate charging for services.

2. Develop a business plan – Create a detailed plan that outlines the goals and objectives of the business, including how you will market your services, financial requirements for getting started and strategies for long-term growth.

3. Secure funding – If needed, secure financing to cover start-up costs such as computers, software and other operational expenses.

4. Obtain necessary certifications – Depending on the type of business, obtain the necessary certifications in order to offer instruction.

5. Find a suitable location – Consider factors such as cost, access and space requirements when selecting a place to hold classes.

6. Establish pricing structure – Set competitive rates that reflect the quality of your services and attract customers.

7. Market your business – Advertise to potential customers and create a website that explains the services offered.

8. Hire staff members – If needed, hire qualified instructors who will be able to teach classes effectively and efficiently.

9. Set up accounting system – Establish an effective accounting system for tracking income, expenses and other financial activities.

10. Create a customer service policy – Develop a customer service policy that outlines the expectations of customers when they receive services from your business.