Checklist For Starting A Community Garden – Get Growing!

1. Identify the location: Choose a plot of land that is large enough, gets ample sunlight and has easy access to water.

2. Secure permission: Check with local ordinances or zoning regulations if there are limits on what you can grow and make sure you have permission from the land owner.

3. Design: Create a plan for how you want your garden to look and what types of plants you will use.

4. Establish soil quality: Test the pH level of the soil and amend it if needed with compost or fertilizer to ensure a healthy growing environment.

5. Choose plants: Select varieties that are suited for the climate and season.

6. Plant: Make sure to follow the spacing requirements of each plant as they vary.

7. Maintenance: Monitor your garden regularly to ensure plants receive enough water, nutrients, and sunlight. Pest control may also be necessary depending on what you are growing.

8. Harvesting: When fruits, vegetables, and herbs are ready for picking, make sure to do it properly.

9. Community engagement: Involve the local community by having events at the garden or offering volunteering opportunities.

10. Celebrate: Enjoy your fruits of labor with a party or dinner!