Checklist For Starting A Clamming Business

1. Research the local laws and regulations regarding clamming in your area.

2. Obtain any necessary permits, licenses and registrations you may need to legally harvest clams in the waters you plan to work in.

3. Secure the proper equipment and supplies, such as waders, a clam rake, buckets and a boat or other means of transportation.

4. Familiarize yourself with the areas you plan to clam in, including identifying different types of clams and their habitats.

5. Find reliable sources who can provide advice and guidance on the best methods for harvesting clams.

6. Locate buyers to purchase your clams and investigate the best prices for them.

7. Build a business plan that outlines what your income and expenses will be, how you intend to market your clamming services and how you will manage any risks or hazards associated with clamming.

8. Ensure that all necessary safety protocols are in place before beginning work.

9. Keep accurate records of your clams and other business related expenses to ensure that all taxes are paid accurately.

10. Build relationships with local organizations or businesses who may be able to help you promote your clamming business.