Checklist For Starting A Caricature Business: A Comprehensive Guide To Launching Your Creative Career

1. Decide on the type of Caricatures to specialize in – Knowing what kind of caricatures you want to draw will help you narrow down your target market, decide what supplies and skills you need, and set yourself apart from other artists.

2. Research the market – Before you dive into running a caricature business, it’s important to research the industry, who your competitors are, and how much they charge.

3. Set up a portfolio website – Having an online presence is essential to showcase your work and attract potential clients.

4. Invest in marketing/promotion – Once you have a portfolio website, it’s time to start promoting your business through social media and other outlets.

5. Establish pricing for services – You’ll want to decide how much you want to charge for each type of caricature so that you don’t undervalue yourself or overwhelm potential clients with too high of prices.

6. Network with potential clients – Reaching out to people in your target market is key for networking and potentially finding new clients.

7. Invest in quality supplies – Having the right tools and materials you need to create a quality caricature will help ensure that you produce the best work possible.

8. Develop a business plan – Having a detailed plan for your business will help you stay organized and keep track of goals.