The Pros And Cons Of Starting An Ice Cream Parlor


– Low startup cost – starting an ice cream parlor does not require substantial upfront costs or large investments in equipment.

– High profit margins – most businesses that sell food make their profits through high markup on a small number of items, which makes the ice cream parlor business an attractive option.

– Low overhead – compared to other food businesses, the overhead associated with running an ice cream parlor tends to be low.

– Customer loyalty – Ice cream is a beloved treat that people of all ages enjoy, so it’s easy to build customer loyalty through consistent quality and friendly service.


– Seasonal business – Ice cream parlors tend to make the most money during the summer months and may struggle during cooler weather.

– Controlling food costs – maintaining high profit margins requires careful management of food costs, as prices for dairy products and other ingredients can fluctuate significantly from one season to the next.

– Competition – since ice cream parlors are easy to set up, they tend to have a lot of competition in the same area. You need to make sure your prices, flavors and service stand out from the crowd.

– Limited menu options – while some ice cream parlors offer sundaes and other dessert options, the menu is generally limited to ice cream flavors. This can make it difficult to attract customers who are looking for something different.