The Pros And Cons Of Starting An Forest Bathing Business


– A unique and novel way to help people reduce stress and relax.

– An increasingly popular form of therapy, with growing interest from potential clients.

– Opportunities for entrepreneurs to be creative in their services, as there is no fixed model or standard.

– Low overhead costs, as there are few additional materials needed to provide services.

– Flexibility in terms of when and where services can be provided.


– A lack of awareness among the general public about forest bathing and its benefits, which may limit customer numbers initially.

– Some people may not feel comfortable spending time in nature, which could be a barrier to providing services.

– Competition from other wellness professionals who are offering similar services.

– Regulations and laws that vary by state or country, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to provide consistent services across different areas.

– Obtaining the required certification or training to offer forest bathing services.

– Additional licensing fees and insurance costs may be necessary to operate a business.

– Weather or natural risks that may affect services and the safety of customers.