The Pros And Cons Of Starting An Antique Restoration Business

Starting an antique restoration business can be a great way to combine your passion for antiques with a rewarding career. But before you jump in, there are pros and cons that need to be considered. Here are some of the main points to consider:


•The chance to work with beautiful and interesting antiques every day.

•It’s a great way to make money doing something you love.

•You may be able to pursue additional certification in your field and build expertise over time.

•You can be your own boss, set your own hours and work from home.

•You can build relationships with customers, collectors and other antique professionals in the field.


•It may be difficult to find a reliable source of antiques to work on.

•There is a great deal of competition in the market for antique restoration services.

•It takes time and dedication to build up a good reputation in the antique restoration field.

•It can be expensive and time-consuming to purchase the necessary tools and materials for restoring antiques.

•You may need to become knowledgeable about a variety of antiques, styles and periods in order to offer top quality services.