The Pros And Cons Of Starting An Airsoft Field


– Low start up cost. Airsoft fields can be established in a variety of places and are relatively inexpensive to start.

– Easy to manage. Airsoft can be managed by one or two people, making it a great side business for those looking for additional income.

– Airsoft is an ever-growing game and sport, with a large following that keeps growing each year. This means there can be consistent business from players interested in playing the game.


– There may be regulations or restrictions on where you are able to set up your airsoft field due to local or state laws.

– Airsoft fields require a significant amount of upkeep and maintenance in order to keep the field safe and fun for players.

– Finding experienced referees can be difficult, as they need to have experience with airsoft as well as be able to enforce rules and ensure safety standards are met.