The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Subscription Box Business


1. Low overhead costs – Subscription boxes can be started with very little investment, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs on a budget.

2. High repeat customers – Most subscription box services offer recurring payments, which means you can count on customers coming back for more every month.

3. Low risk – Unlike some other businesses, subscription boxes are a low-risk venture since you don’t have to worry about inventory being stuck on shelves or unsold product.

4. Flexible products – Subscription boxes allow you to offer a wide variety of products, giving customers more options and increasing the chance that they’ll find something they love.


1. Limited customer base – The subscription box market is still relatively small, so it can be difficult to attract new customers who haven’t already used similar services before.

2. High competition – There are a lot of subscription box services competing for customers, so it can be hard to stand out.

3. Lack of control over product selection – Subscription boxes require you to curate the items you offer, leaving you with less control over what’s in each box.

4. Long delivery times – Since subscription boxes typically require you to ship products from a third-party warehouse, delivery times can be long, which may cause customers to become frustrated and cancel their subscription.