The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Public Speaking Instruction Business

Starting a public speaking instruction business can be an exciting way to make money and share your passion for helping others become better communicators. There are several pros and cons to consider before jumping into this venture, so it is important to assess both sides with an informed approach.


– Rewarding: Seeing someone improve their public speaking skills can be incredibly rewarding and can provide a great sense of purpose.

– Flexibility: You have the ability to set your own hours and offer classes in person or online, depending on the demand.

– Command higher rates: As public speaking instruction becomes more popular, the demand for experienced instructors will increase, allowing you to charge higher rates.


– Limited income: Depending on your market, there may be a limited number of potential clients who need public speaking instruction. This could limit your earning potential.

– High competition: With online platforms providing access to public speaking coaches and tutorials, you may find yourself competing with many other instructors for the same clients.

– Time commitment: Teaching classes and providing one-on-one instruction can be a time consuming endeavor that requires significant dedication.