The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Print Shop


– There is significant demand for print services, especially since the advent of digital printing technology.

– Low start-up costs; one only needs to invest in some basic computer hardware, software and a printer.

– With an online presence and the right marketing strategies, a print shop can reach customers all over the world.

– Low overhead costs; most of the cost involved in running a print shop is for materials, not rent or staff.


– The market is highly competitive; many other print shops are vying for business from the same target audience.

– Even with digital printing, the cost of materials can be expensive.

– Despite being able to reach people all over the world, most print shops still rely on local customers for a majority of their business.

– Print shops must also stay up to date with technology in order to keep up with customer demands and remain competitive.

– The margins can be slim since print services are generally priced relatively low.

– There is also a high risk of injury associated with operating the machinery used in a print shop.

– It can be difficult to stay informed about new trends in the industry and changes in customer preferences.