The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Medical Claims Evaluation Business


• Offers a great opportunity to serve the medical community, be in demand and make an excellent income.

• The ability to work from home or other locations with minimal overhead costs.

• Significant tax deductions due to business expenses.

• Ability to create your own schedule and work when it is convenient for you.

• Opportunity to help people increase their medical reimbursement by getting paid the full amount they are owed.


• Heavy competition from other medical billing businesses in the area.

• The time and effort required to stay up to date on changes in the medical reimbursement industry.

• The risk of legal action if mistakes are made when handling claims.

• Potential for financial losses due to unpaid or underpaid claims.

• Possible liability issues that could arise from not properly training staff members to handle medical claims correctly.

• Difficulty finding qualified staff to handle medical claims.