The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Green Cleaning Products Business


1. You can reduce your environmental footprint by offering natural, sustainable cleaning products to customers.

2. Green cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular, meaning there is a huge market potential for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business related to ecologically-friendly cleaning products.

3. You can offer customers a unique solution that not many other businesses can provide them with.

4. As the demand for green cleaning products increases, so does the potential for increased profits as well as stability in the market.


1. Due to the production process of creating natural, sustainable cleaning products, the cost of production can often be higher than other traditional cleaning products.

2. Companies that produce traditional cleaning products have more resources and access to larger markets meaning they are usually able to undercut smaller green businesses in terms of price.

3. It takes time for customers to become aware of your business and offering, meaning it can be difficult to get the initial momentum needed to really take off.

4. Green cleaning products often don’t last as long as traditional cleaning products, so customers may not see the same value when compared to other options available in the market.