The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Golf Instruction Business


• Can be run from anywhere – no need for a physical location.

• Easy access to the necessary equipment such as clubs, balls, and tees.

• Large potential customer base with golfers ranging from beginners to pros.

• The ability to set your own rates and hours.

• Low start-up costs – no employees or inventory required.


• Limited customer base within a particular geographical area.

• Heavy competition from existing golf instruction businesses.

• Difficulty in networking with other professionals in the field of golf instruction.

• The need for specialized knowledge to be successful.

• Requires a significant investment of time and money to promote yourself effectively.

• Lack of government or private funding available for golf instruction businesses.

• High cost of equipment and professional services needed to run a successful business.

• Difficulty in finding qualified employees to help with instruction.

• Potential liability issues due to the nature of the industry.