The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Goat Lawn Mowing Business


1. Eco-friendly – Goats are natural lawnmowers with their selective grazing habits, reducing the need for traditional gas-powered mowers.

2. Cost-effective – You’ll save money over time by not having to purchase and maintain expensive equipment.

3. Flexible – You can adjust the size of your herd based on the size of the lawns you are servicing, allowing for greater scalability in your business.

4. Fun and Rewarding – Working with animals is a great way to spend time outdoors while also taking pride in providing a valuable service to your clients.


1. Potential Liability – Working with animals comes with the risk of injury, and you will need to ensure that your business is properly insured in case of an accident.

2. Limited Locations – Not everyone is open to having goats graze their lawns, so you’ll be limited in the areas you can service.

3. Unpredictable Climate – Weather is always a factor when working outdoors, and you’ll need to consider how this will impact your business operations during unexpected storms or periods of extreme heat or cold.

4. Long Hours – Taking care of goats requires daily maintenance and exercise, so if you’re looking to start a goat lawn mowing business you should be prepared for long hours.