The Main Ingredient Of These Dishes: Corn Kernels

1. Mexican Street Corn: This classic street food dish consists of sweet corn kernels, pepper, mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder. It’s a delicious combination of crunchy texture and spicy flavor that will satisfy any palate.

2. Corn Fritters: These are small, deep-fried cakes made with corn kernels and wheat flour mixed with egg, butter and baking powder. The result is a light and crunchy delight that’s perfect for breakfast or as an appetizer.

3. Creamed Corn: This classic side dish features sweet corn kernels cooked in a creamy, buttery sauce and seasoned with garlic, herbs and spices. It’s an easy way to get your veggies without sacrificing flavor.

4. Corn Chowder: This hearty soup is made with potatoes, onions, bell peppers, celery and of course corn kernels. The flavors blend together perfectly to make a comforting dish that’s ideal for cold weather.

5. Cornbread: This classic Southern recipe features corn kernels and wheat flour combined into a delicious, moist bread that pairs perfectly with soups, stews or chili. It’s an easy way to dress up any meal!