The Main Ingredient Of These Delicious Japanese Plum Dishes

1. Umeboshi Onigiri: The traditional Japanese rice ball is made with a pickled ume plum at its centre – the perfect combination of savoury and sour! Other ingredients include short-grain white rice, salt and seaweed.

2. Ume Shiso Temaki: A hand-rolled sushi containing a generous portion of ume, it is wrapped in shiso or perilla leaves for an added layer of flavour and aroma. Rice, nori seaweed and sesame seeds are also included.

3. Umeboshi Pizza: This unique pizza is topped with a pickled ume plum, beef or pork slices, rocket and cheese. Enjoy the combination of sweet and salty flavours!

4. Ume-Chazuke: This popular dish of salmon flakes on rice is drizzled with a mixture of toasted sesame seeds, umeboshi paste and soy sauce. The delicious combination of the umami flavour adds to the richness of the dish.

5. Ume-konbu Maki: This is a simple yet flavourful rolled sushi with umeboshi, konbu seaweed and shiso leaves as its main ingredients. It is a great way to enjoy a light yet flavourful meal.