The Main Ingredient Of These Delicious Dishes: Water Chestnut

  1. Fried Water Chestnuts with Bamboo Shoots: This tasty dish features deep-fried water chestnuts and bamboo shoots, stir-fried in a light soy sauce and sesame oil. The subtle sweetness of the water chestnuts complements the crunchy texture of the bamboo shoots to create a scrumptious dish.
  2. Braised Water Chestnuts and Mushrooms: This classic Chinese dish is made with braised water chestnuts, mushrooms and carrots simmered in a thick dark sauce. The flavors are rich and full-bodied, yet light enough to pair with steamed white rice for a delicious meal.
  3. Stir-Fried Water Chestnuts and Snow Peas: This vegetarian dish packs in flavor with stir-fried water chestnuts, snow peas, garlic and ginger. The crunchy texture of the water chestnuts is elevated by the sweetness of the snow peas and zesty bite of fresh ginger.
  4. Spicy Stir-Fried Water Chestnuts: This spicy dish is sure to tantalize the taste buds. It’s stir-fried water chestnuts in a spicy chili sauce with garlic and ginger, making it a perfect accompaniment to steamed white rice or noodles.
  5. Mango and Water Chestnut Salad: A refreshing salad made with fresh mango slices and crunchy water chestnuts, dressed in a light honey-mustard vinaigrette. This sweet and tangy salad is the perfect way to brighten up any meal.