The Main Ingredient Of These 5 Dishes: Thịt Chuột (Rat Meat)

1. Thịt Chuột Rang Sơn: Rat meat is simmered in a sweet and spicy sauce with garlic, onion, chili peppers and bean paste for an intense flavor. This dish is often served over steaming white rice for a delicious meal.

2. Chả Thịt Chuột: This is a grilled dish of minced rat meat mixed with garlic, onion, lemongrass and other aromatic herbs. The mixture is then cooked until golden-brown over hot coals for an authentic taste.

3. Xào Thịt Chuột: Stir-fried rat meat with vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms and onions. The rat meat is cooked in a hot wok until crispy with a sweet and savory sauce to balance the flavors.

4. Nướng Thịt Chuột: Oven-roasted rat meat with a variety of spices such as lemongrass, garlic, chili peppers and turmeric. This dish is best served alongside steamed rice or noodles for a hearty meal.

5. Thịt Chuột Chien Viên: Rat meat deep-fried to perfection in batter, resulting in a crunchy exterior and tender center. This dish is often served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce for an extra kick of flavor.