The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Wasabi

1. Wasabi Tuna Tartare – This dish is a delicious combination of seared tuna, diced avocado, and wasabi aioli all served on top of crisp wonton chips. The flavors blend together perfectly to create an unforgettable taste experience.

2. Wasabi Masago Sushi – This traditional Japanese dish is made with a known combination of sticky rice, fresh fish and wasabi masago. The spicy kick from the wasabi offsets the delicate flavor of the fish and balances it out perfectly.

3. Wasabi Salmon Ceviche – This dish combines salmon marinated in lime juice with a wasabi and garlic sauce, which gives it extra flavor. The marinated salmon is served with fresh vegetables, giving an even bolder taste.

4. Wasabi Avocado Toast – This dish combines creamy avocado slices and zesty wasabi on toast for a unique flavor experience. The wasabi complements the avocado and adds a whole new level of flavor to the dish.

5. Wasabi Chicken Skewers – This delicious snack is made with marinated chicken skewers, cooked in wasabi sauce and served with scallions. The wasabi adds an extra kick to the juicy chicken that can’t be beat.