The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Herve Cheese

1. Creamy Herve Cheese Fondue – This classic Swiss dish is made with rich Emmentaler and creamy Gruyere cheeses, flavored with garlic, nutmeg and white wine. A perfect appetizer or main course when served over steamed vegetables or potatoes.

2. Herve Cheese and Spinach Quiche – Thin crust quiche with creamy Herve cheese, spinach and green onions. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

3. Grilled Herve Cheese Sandwich – A perfect combination of melted Herve cheese, crisp bacon and tangy tomatoes between two slices of toasted bread.

4. Herve Cheese and Mushroom Risotto – A creamy, indulgent risotto made with Arborio rice, mushrooms, onions and of course Herve cheese.

5. Herve Cheese and Leek Tart – A savory tart filled with a layer of caramelized leeks and topped with melted Herve cheese. Serve with a side salad for an easy and delicious dinner.