The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Fat Hen

1. French Omelette: A classic French omelette is a simple dish, perfect for any meal of the day. It can be made with just a few ingredients; fat hen, butter, eggs and salt. The fat hen adds an earthy flavour to the omelette and makes it incredibly rich.

2. Creamed Spinach: This is a great side dish to any meal, loaded with flavour. Fat hen is sautéed in butter and garlic before adding cream, milk and spinach leaves. The fat hen creates a creamy texture while also providing plenty of umami flavour.

3. Stuffed Mushrooms: Fat hen is the perfect star for this delicious appetizer. The mushrooms are stuffed with a mixture of fat hen, breadcrumbs, herbs, garlic and parmesan cheese, then baked until golden and crispy.

4. Spanish Paella: This tasty one-pot dish is packed full of flavour thanks to the fat hen. The rice is cooked in a rich sauce of chorizo, peppers, onions and tomatoes with plenty of fat hen thrown in for added depth.

5. Baked Fat Hen: You can’t go wrong with this classic dish. Fat hen is combined with garlic, herbs and butter before being baked until golden and crispy. Serve with a side of vegetables or salad for a delicious meal.