The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Banana Pith

1. Banana Pith Curry: This hearty and delicious curry is made with boiled banana pith, cooked in a thick flavorful sauce of tomato puree, onions, chillies and spices.

2. Banana Pith Pancakes: These fluffy pancakes are made from mashed banana pith mixed with spices and herbs, then fried in a lightly oiled skillet.

3. Banana Pith Soup: This comforting soup is made with banana pith, coconut milk and spices simmered together until thick and creamy.

4. Banana Pith Fritters: These crunchy fritters are made from banana pith that is mashed and mixed with spices and herbs, then deep fried until golden brown.

5. Banana Pith Curry Puffs: These savory pastries are made with mashed banana pith mixed with a blend of aromatic spices, wrapped in a pastry dough and deep-fried to perfection.