The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Amster Dammer (British Columbia)

1. Amsterdammer Salad: This fresh and flavorful salad stars Amsterdammer cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and a light vinaigrette dressing. The tangy cheese adds a delicious salty bite to the mix!

2. Dutch Poffertjes Pancakes: This unique take on pancakes combines airy dough with Amster Dammer cheese, apples and a light syrup for sweetness. It’s a perfect breakfast or brunch option, especially when served with coffee or tea!

3. Dutch Croquettes: The classic Dutch dish of kroketten is made extra special with the addition of Amster Dammer cheese! The combination of beef and potato is deep-fried and served with a variety of dipping sauces.

4. Dutch Tomato Soup: This comforting soup combines creamy Amster Dammer cheese, tomatoes, and herbs for a delicious flavor combination. Perfect for cold winter days!

5. Amsterdam Cheese Bites: These irresistible bites are made with puff pastry, Amster Dammer cheese and a variety of herbs. They’re great as an appetizer or snack!