The Main Ingredient Of The Dish: Akebi

1. Simmered Akebi: This traditional Japanese dish is made by simmering chunks of akebi in sweetened soy sauce until it’s soft and tender. Served over rice or noodles, this simple yet delicious dish is sure to make an impression! The main ingredients are akebi, sweetened soy sauce, sake (Japanese rice wine) and a touch of sugar.

2. Akebi Omelette: This simple yet tasty dish is perfect for breakfast or lunch! Start with a lightly scrambled egg base and add cubes of cooked akebi to the mix. Fry over medium-high heat until the egg is cooked through and the akebi has browned on the edges. Serve with some soy sauce for an added kick of flavor! The main ingredients are eggs, akebi, and soy sauce.

3. Fried Akebi: This popular snack is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Dip slices of akebi into a batter made from flour, cornstarch and water and then deep-fry until golden brown. Serve with a side of spicy mayonnaise or sweet chili sauce for dipping. The main ingredients are akebi, flour, cornstarch, water and oil for frying.

4. Akebi Sushi: Add a unique twist to your sushi platter with this inventive dish! Start by making a roll of seasoned rice and top it with strips of cooked akebi. Then wrap the roll in nori (seaweed) and slice into eight equal pieces for perfect presentation. The main ingredients are rice, akebi, nori and a variety of seasonings.

5. Pickled Akebi: Enjoy the tart and tangy flavor of pickled akebi! Soak thinly sliced akebi in equal parts vinegar, sugar and salt for at least one hour before serving. This dish is great for snacking or as a side to any meal. The main ingredients are akebi, vinegar, sugar and salt.