The Main Ingredient Of Delicious Dishes: Cornish Game Hen

Cornish game hens are a delicious and versatile ingredient that can be used in many different dishes. From roasted to grilled, these delectable little birds can be the star of the show in a variety of recipes. Here are five dishes where Cornish game hen is the main ingredient:

1. Roasted Cornish Game Hen with Lemon and Thyme: This delicious dish consists of a whole roasted Cornish game hen, marinaded in lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and sprigs of fresh thyme. The result is a fragrant, tender and juicy bird that makes a delicious meal.

2. Grilled Cornish Game Hen with Barbecue Sauce: This unique dish starts off with a marinade of onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and Louisiana-style barbecue sauce. The hen is then grilled to perfection and served with additional barbecue sauce for an added kick!

3. Cornish Game Hen Roulade with Prosciutto and Spinach: The classic combination of prosciutto, spinach and herbs is stuffed into a Cornish game hen that has been butterflied open. The flavorful roulade is then oven-roasted until golden brown and served hot.

4. Deep Fried Cornish Game Hen with Garlic, Sage and Rosemary: The Cornish game hen is cut into small pieces and then tossed in a mixture of garlic, sage, rosemary and flour. Deep-fried until golden brown, these flavorful morsels are delicious served with a side of mashed potatoes or coleslaw.

5. Maple Glazed Cornish Game Hen with Dried Cranberries: The hen is first marinaded in a mixture of maple syrup, orange juice and spices. The bird is then roasted and glazed with additional maple syrup and served with dried cranberries for an added sweetness.