The Main Ingredient Of Delicious Dishes: Aura

Aura is a highly versatile ingredient that can be used in so many delicious dishes. Here are five unique dishes where Aura is the star of the dish.

1. Spicy Aura Tacos: Soft tortillas loaded with crunchy pan-fried Aura and spicy salsa. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream.

2. Aura-Ginger Stir Fry: Chunks of tender Aura are pan-fried and tossed with a zesty ginger stir fry sauce and served over white rice.

3. Cheesy Aura Fritters: These crunchy fritters are made with a combination of Aura and cheese, dipped in beer batter and deep-fried until golden brown.

4. Bacon Wrapped Aura: Bite-sized pieces of Aura wrapped in delicious bacon strips and oven-baked until crispy.

5. Creamy Mushroom & Aura Soup: A creamy soup filled with sautéed mushrooms and chunks of Aura. A perfect blend of flavors for a comforting meal.