The Main Ingredient Of A Delicious Dish: Arame

Arame is an edible sea vegetable and is becoming increasingly popular as it has many health benefits. It’s mild, slightly sweet flavour and stringy consistency make it the perfect ingredient for adding to salads, soups, stir-fries, and more! Here are five dishes featuring arame as the main ingredient.

1. Arame and Carrot Salad: This light and tasty salad is made with crunchy julienned carrots, sweet raisins, toasted sesame seeds and a splash of rice vinegar for a tangy kick. The arame adds an earthy flavour profile that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients.

2. Arame and Tofu Stir Fry: A healthy vegan stir fry that is full of flavour! Start by marinating firm tofu in tamari, garlic and ginger. Then, stir-fry the marinated tofu with bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots and onions for a delicious umami flavour. Add the arame at the end for a slight crunchy texture.

3. Arame and Sweet Potato Soup: This creamy and comforting soup is made with sweet potatoes, onion, garlic and vegetable stock. Simmer until the vegetables are tender, and then blend everything together until smooth. Finish off the soup by adding cooked arame for a pop of flavour and texture.

4. Arame Edamame Rice: Brown rice is cooked in vegetable stock with edamame, shiitake mushrooms, ginger and garlic for an umami-rich side dish. Then, stir in some cooked arame to add a crunchy texture.

5. Arame and Cucumber Sushi: This simple vegetarian sushi dish is a great way to enjoy arame! Start by making some plain white or brown rice, then top with cucumbers, carrots, daikon radish, avocado and cooked arame. Roll it all up in seaweed for an easy and tasty meal.