The Essential Checklist For Starting A Law Firm

1. Decide the areas of practice in which you will specialize.

2. Choose your business name and register it with the relevant authorities.

3. Apply for licenses, permits and certificates related to starting a law firm as required by state or local laws.

4. Secure a physical office space and complete any necessary modifications.

5. Obtain the necessary furniture and office supplies to open for business.

6. Set up an appropriate technology infrastructure, such as computers, printers, phones and internet access.

7. Create a website for your law firm so potential clients can find you online.

8. Develop a marketing plan and budget for promoting your services.

9. Hire any legal staff or administrative personnel required to run your firm.

10. Purchase the necessary professional liability insurance coverage for your law business.

11. Open a dedicated bank account for your law practice and set up online banking.

12. Research and register with legal directories or databases in your area.

13. Take steps to comply with any applicable local regulations that affect your practice of law.

14. Prepare an initial consultation fee agreement and other documents needed for client intake, such as a retainer agreement and credit card processing authorization form.

15. Market your services to potential clients through online and offline channels.

16. Develop a system for tracking time, billing clients, collecting payments and managing client relationships.

17. Obtain any continuing legal education credits required by regulators in order to maintain your license to practice law.

18. Stay informed about changes in the law and judicial decisions affecting your practice.

19. Network with other lawyers, legal professionals and business contacts to share resources and referrals.

20. Regularly review your process and procedures to ensure they are running effectively.