The Complete Checklist For Starting A Record Label

1. Create a business plan: This will serve as your roadmap and help you identify the goals that you want to achieve with your record label.

2. Choose a name: Create a unique name for your record label that represents you, your mission, and the music you will be releasing.

3. Secure setup and running costs: Calculate what expenses will be necessary to get your record label off the ground, such as legal fees, equipment, marketing materials, distribution services and more.

4. Draft contracts: In order to protect both parties involved in any artist-label agreement, create legal contracts that outline the rights and obligations of each.

5. Create logo/branding: Design a memorable logo and branding that you can use on promotional material and music releases.

6. Find distribution and marketing services: Find digital distribution and marketing companies to help promote your artists’ releases online and in physical stores.

7. Promote your artists: Use social media and other marketing channels to promote upcoming releases, shows, and news about your label.

8. Network with industry pros: Connect with industry professionals and build relationships that can help you expand the reach of your label.

9. Assess success: Track the progress of your label, measure successes and failures, and make changes to improve its performance.

10. Keep learning: Stay up to date on industry developments and trends so that you can keep evolving with the times.