Swim School Start-Up Checklist: Everything You Need To Know Before Opening Your Pool

1. Decide on a location – Choose a location that is easy to find, has plenty of parking and access to nearby amenities like restaurants and shopping centers.

2. Get funding – Secure the necessary funding for your swim school by applying for grants, seeking investments or loans.

3. Purchase the necessary supplies – Invest in quality equipment and materials, such as swimming pools, life jackets, goggles and swim suits.

4. Hire qualified coaches – Look for experienced swimming instructors with a history of success teaching students of different ages and abilities.

5. Create a curriculum – Design lessons that provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become confident swimmers.

6. Market your swim school – Promote your business through local print ads, radio spots, social media campaigns or flyers placed in area businesses.

7. Develop a pricing structure – Establish reasonable rates for classes and other services you offer at your swim school.

8. Create a website – Design an attractive website that showcases your services, provides information about classes and tuition and allows customers to pay online.

9. Implement safety guidelines – Establish rules that promote swimming safety and ensure all coaches follow them at all times.

10. Prepare for inspections – Ensure your facility meets state and local regulations and obtain any necessary permits or licenses.

11. Invest in insurance – Protect your business from potential liability with a comprehensive insurance policy.

12. Establish customer service protocols – Set up policies to keep customers happy, such as offering make-up classes or refunds for missed lessons.

13. Develop a staffing plan – Create a strategy for hiring and training coaches to guarantee consistent instruction at your swim school.

14. Foster relationships with other businesses – Reach out to local companies who might be interested in partnering with you, such as health clubs or schools.

15. Track progress – Monitor your business’s performance regularly by tracking enrollment numbers and customer feedback.

16. Stay current on industry trends – Keep up with the latest developments in swimming instruction to remain competitive and provide students with the best possible service.

17. Celebrate success – Reward yourself and your team for a job well done by recognizing accomplishments, like meeting enrollment goals or creating successful classes.

18. Have fun – Remember to enjoy the process of running your swim school while helping students become confident swimmers.

19. Celebrate milestones – Mark special occasions, such as welcoming new instructors or achieving a certain number of classes taught, with activities like parties or team-building exercises.

20. Reflect and plan for the future – Make time to assess your swim school’s performance and set new goals for success.