Start Your House Sitting Business: A Checklist To Get You Started

1. Research local laws and regulations. Make sure you know what state, city, or county restrictions might apply to your house sitting business.

2. Develop a business plan and decide what services you will offer. Consider the types of homes you want to work with, the geographic area you are willing to service, and if there are any additional services (petsitting, lawn care, etc.) that you are going to offer.

3. Create a budget and pricing structure for your house sitting business. Decide how much to charge per hour or job and factor in costs like insurance, taxes, and membership fees.

4. Get the required licenses and permits for house sitting in your area. Check with your local government to determine what you need to do to be license compliant.

5. Build a website that showcases your business, services offered, and rates for customers. Make sure it is professional looking and easy to navigate.

6. Develop an advertising plan and consider using social media and online directories to promote your business.

7. Put together a portfolio of photos that showcase your best work, any awards you have received, or special certifications you may have attained.

8. Consider joining professional house sitting organizations for networking and education opportunities.

9. Develop a system for bookkeeping and invoicing, so that you can keep track of expenses, payments, customer information, etc.

10. Create a customer feedback system to ensure that you are providing high-quality services and maintaining customer satisfaction.