Speakeasy Bar Business Checklist: Tips For Starting Your Own Speakeasy Bar

1. Research the market to determine what type of speakeasy bar may be successful in your area.

2. Acquire a liquor license and all necessary permits and licenses needed to operate a speakeasy bar business in your area.

3. Register the business with the state and local agencies as required by law.

4. Secure a suitable location for the speakeasy bar that meets all zoning requirements.

5. Create a website or social media page to promote your speakeasy bar business and communicate with customers.

6. Ensure that the physical space of your speakeasy bar is up to code and meets all regulations required by state and local authorities.

7. Develop a menu for food, drinks, and other items to be served at the speakeasy bar business.

8. Hire staff including bartenders, servers, cooks, and other employees as necessary to run the business.

9. Create branding for the speakeasy bar including a logo, slogan, and other promotional materials.

10. Purchase the necessary equipment including tables, chairs, glassware, tools for bartenders and kitchen staff, etc.

11. Develop a pricing and discount system to encourage customers to visit the speakeasy bar.

12. Develop systems for tracking inventory, sales, customer information, and other data related to the business.

13. Make sure there is adequate security in place to protect customers and staff at all times.

14. Advertise the speakeasy bar business in local newspapers, magazines, online, and other media outlets.

15. Develop policies for opening and closing hours as well as customer service standards.

16. Create a plan for ongoing maintenance of the physical space including cleaning, repairs, etc.

17. Develop code of conduct rules for guests and staff that must be followed at all times.

18. Develop a customer loyalty program to encourage customers to come back frequently.

19. Make sure the speakeasy bar is compliant with all health and safety standards set by state and local authorities.

20. Keep up-to-date records of all financial transactions related to the speakeasy bar business.