Pros And Cons Of Starting An Art Restoration Business


1. Satisfying creative outlet – Working on restoring a piece of art can be a very rewarding experience. It gives you the chance to use your artistic skills in order to bring something back to life.

2. Job Security – Since there are only so many pieces of art that need to be restored, starting an art restoration business can give you a steady stream of work.

3. Personal Growth – Restoring art is often challenging and requires a wide range of skills. As you complete each project, it will help you gain experience that can increase your proficiency in the field.


1. Costly Equipment – Restoring art requires specialized tools and materials that can be expensive. In addition, you will likely need to make investments in things such as lighting, furniture, and storage space.

2. Artistic Limitations – There are certain types of artwork that require a high level of skill to restore properly. It may be difficult to find work if you don’t have the experience or training.

3. Long Hours – Working on a piece of art can take many hours, depending on its condition and size. You will need to be prepared to dedicate long periods of time in order to complete each project.