Pros And Cons Of Starting An Animal Husbandry Business


– Animal husbandry offers a way to develop a strong connection with animals.

– It is possible to create a profitable business by raising animals for various purposes such as meat, wool, eggs, or hides.

– With the right skills and knowledge, animal husbandry is a great way to provide a steady income.

– It can also be an enjoyable activity with the added benefit of helping to sustain rural communities.

– Animal husbandry businesses often offer tax incentives or other financial benefits in addition to the potential profits.


– Animal husbandry requires significant capital investment, including the purchase of land, animals, and equipment.

– It can be difficult to find qualified personnel or manage the business efficiently without prior experience in the field.

– Animal husbandry businesses must comply with state regulations which may include zoning restrictions, animal welfare laws, and other requirements.

– The unpredictable nature of the weather and other factors can lead to unexpected losses or added expenses.

– The field is becoming increasingly competitive, as new technologies and practices are changing the landscape of animal husbandry businesses.

– Animal husbandry requires dedication and hard work, which can be difficult for some people to manage alongside their existing commitments.